Welcome to my website for teen fiction with religious characters. I hope as I add to this site, you will find many books that inspire you! I am passionate about giving books with honest portrayals of life a chance to be seen. While I love fantasy and many other genres too, I chose to focus here on my love of books that aren't afraid to let their characters be religious. Whether christian, jewish, buddhist, hindu, Islam, or any of other multitude of religions, faith is still a vital and important part of our world and more importantly, many teens lives.

The books I share here aren't meant to convert or offend anyone. They are meant to allow us to gain a better view and understanding of all people. How better to get to know a group of people who live differently from ourselves than by reading a great story? While I can't possibly read all the books that are recommended to me and posted here, I will do my best to give you enough information for you to feel comfortable in making a choice for yourself. Each book will have a link to a website that does content rating for books. I will provide details about how the book was recommended to me and why. I will also make sure to note which books I've read personally and my impressions on them.

If you have any recommendations, please let me know! I'd also appreciate any feedback you have about books you've read that are featured here. You can post comments on the website, or feel free to contact me at authorjolynbrown@gmail.com.

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