NaNoWriMo stands for national novel writing month! In November, authors from all over the world make a goal to write an entire book! The goal is set based on word count and my goal will be 50,000 words by the end of month. Really I want to get the whole first draft done, which is more like 80,000 words, but this is great start.

I'm participating for the first time in about eight years. This year I'm working on another companion novel to Run and Break. It is called Click. you can check in here to see how far along I am on my word count! Feel free leave a comment encouraging me on. I'll need it. First drafts are the hardest for me.

So what is Click about?

I can't give you much yet, it's just a seed in my head right now, but it will be from Preston's step-sister, Hannah's, point of view, and pick up not long after Break ended. There will be cameras, new friends, and a lot more outdoors in this one. We might also get a few old friends too. ;)

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